Smart locks and digital entry systems were once only found on office and commercial buildings and those with high levels of security. Advances in technology have allowed smart locks and digital entry systems to become more integrated into smart home automation.

The desire for greater convenience, mobility and automation is fueling the growth of smart locks in the residential sector and becoming an expected feature of smart home automation.

Types of Smart lock

The majority of smart locks introduced onto the market connect in some way to a mobile device, whether this is by bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and choosing which type of smart lock is right for your smart home requires making some smart decisions.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are used for so much these days, its only a matter of time before they replace an old-fashioned set of keys. In fact the use of mobile devices to unlock doors is widely accepted in many parts of the world such as throughout Scandinavia and in many parts of Asia.

Depending on the type of lock you have in place and the type of smart lock you choose, there are models that can track when other people open the door, allow you to send temporary ‘keys’ to guest and other that unlock and open automatically as they sense you approach.

While there are some concerns to address with regards to security when it comes to automatic unlocking of doors and what happens when you lose your phone, mobile technology now provides an extremely high level of security in addition to convenience.


Biometric scanners have been used for years, most often and most effectively in areas of high security. In these cases the high costs of equipment such as iris scanners (often inaccurately referred to as retinal scanners) was worth it for the increased level of security. Fingerprint scanners on the other hand have become more cost-effective and even be introduced as a way to secure technology such as laptops and iPhones.

Using your fingerprint to enter your smart home would mean never losing your keys again, they would literally be at your fingertips.

Key fobs and RFID

Key fobs are hugely popular for electronic access to communal buildings and for remote locking/unlocking of car doors. They’ve grown in popularity so much that it’s hard to remember a time you unlocked your car door with the key. This can now be added just as easily to the doors of your smart home, automatically opening with a tap or a touch.