There are few things in life more precious to the modern man than his home entertainment system. With fantastic new innovations in smart home entertainment technology constantly evolving the home movie-watching experience, it’s very easy to spend hundreds or thousands on a new TV or sound system.

But are you getting the ultimate movie-watching experience? There are a few things that you need to do in order to bring the movies into your smart home.

Movie Room Lighting

When it’s time to watch a scary movie we all know it’s more fun to turn the lights out; it not only adds to the experience but makes viewing clearer and easier. This is why many movie rooms are located in basements or attics as there is less natural lighting to block out.

If you want don’t have a room to dedicate entirely to movie-watching then choose a spot in your smart home with the least amount of natural light that needs blocking out. Installing blackout shades or curtains that can draw when you select “Movie-Watching” mode can help to transform any living space into your own personal theatre.

If your movie room is actually multi-purpose, blocking out all the light will be counter-productive at times. You’ll need some light when using the room for other purposes from watching TV, reading or paying bills. Having the option to pre-set the perfect levels of lighting via smart home automation means you can switch from one mode to another with just the tap of an app.

Movie Room Climate Control

Movie theatres are famous for being nice and cold, a necessity when there are lots of bodies crammed into one room and high temperature equipment operating overhead. If you have a dedicated movie-room that is a small space, it will have different requirements from your smart home climate control system than other rooms.

If your movie room is multi purpose, then the option to switch over to “Movie-Watching” mode can cool your living room to the ultimate movie-watching temperature.

“Our standard temperature in theaters circuit-wide across the country is 74 F (23 C) degrees in the summer months and 70 F (21 C) degrees in the winter months,” says Andy DiOrio, AMC Theatres’ director of corporate communications.

3D Movie Room

If you’ve gone the distance and have a 3D home entertainment systems the same rules apply, however we recommend taking things a little bit further especially when it comes to lighting. Instead of dimming the lights, for 3D viewing you should make your viewing room as dark as possible. Black-out blinds underneath your regular curtains will help to eliminate all ambient light and reduce any double vision or halo effects present in your 3D experience.