Smart Home Automation systems work in a different way from regular switches which control your lights. They don’t actually control power but send a signal to a brain which then activates different devices, be they lights, blinds, A/C or any other device you can name!The advantages of this design are limitless – you can thus switch your switches around (no pun intended!) with just a quick configuration, you can choose to use traditional looking switches, use buttons which control your Moments, use Touch Screens, computers, iPads, you name it, you can use it. You can even decide to do away with switches altogether and have your home adjust automatically to your presence depending on time of day.

Your control over your environment can now be really unique to you and unique to your home.

Features :

  • Savings – Smart Switches are cabled in a series so you have heavy savings on cables
  • Customized – We have control switches which please both the hard-core technologists and the people who want simple things where the technology is out of sight
  • Change your mind – you can re-configure your switches as often as you like without breaking your wall and changing the cables