Choosing which aspects of your smart home you want to automate can be overwhelming, and with so many options available can leave you feeling like a kid in candy store. You may have decided that you want to invest in automating your smart home but not really know where to start, what can be achieved with smart home automation and what technology would most benefit your lifestyle?

Popular Smart Home Automation

The first stop in smart home automation is usually automated climate control. Automated thermostats have long been on the list of priorities for making smart homes smarter and more efficient. This is especially felt in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore in which air conditioning runs pretty much throughout the year.

Other popular, practical and efficient smart home solutions include smart lighting, smart locks, and the the unique option of smart scents. All of these smart home automation solutions provide practical and efficient solutions to help make day-to-day life easier, more efficient and a little bit cooler (in both sense of the word).

Cool Smart Home Automation Going too far?

Where do you draw the line between impressive and inventive uses for smart technology and a smart device that is entirely for show.
South Korean electronics super giant LG released their HomeChat service last year which allowed for connectivity and interaction of smart devices. This allowed users to interact with devices via instant messaging. And while it may be cool to turn turn on your washing machine from your car or preheat the oven on your way home from work, how much real day-to-day benefit are you receiving from it? Would being able to turn your smart vacuum cleaner on from your mobile device help you to achieve? Although being able to ask your smart fridge “do we have any beer left?” would be really cool.

Is Price the only Issue?

If price wasn’t an object, which aspects of your home would you wish to implement smart automation in? You may be surprised at just how cost-effective some of these options would be.

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