Energy Saving for Condos & Villages

Energy Saving Systems for increased buyer value


Energy Savings Systems have long been for the truly passionate and the gadget enthusiasts. With increasing energy costs and the increase interest  in Green Building certification across Asia, no real estate developer is in a position to ignore one of the most costs effective and simple ways to increase home value. Home Energy saving Systems are simple to add to projects and enable home to monitor and save energy by selectively managing different energy costing systems and their use around the home.

Energy Savings Systems are now used in more and more real estate development projects around Asia are becoming a must have item for developers looking to maximize buyer value and ensure quick sales.

iHome teams work on the design and implementation of the latest energy saving technology around Asia for real estate developers. Contact iHome today to discuss integrating energy saving into your project.

iHome has worked with leading developers across South East Asia for a number of years:

  • Pace Development (Thailand)
  • Petch Properties (Thailand)
  • Raimonland (Thailand)
  • Sansiri (Thailand)
  • UEM (Malaysia)
  • AB Corporation(Vietnam)
  • Sardinia Properties (Singapore)
  • and many more