Apple & Android apps for Condos & Villages

Apple and Android Apps to sell your project and give value to your buyers


Smart Phones and Tablets are replacing computers as the principal means to interact and consume technology. iHome believes that these products make better it easier to control one’s home, enjoy entertainment and monitor security than other traditional non integrated devices. iHome rightly developed several software tools for tablet control of smart home automation systems.

Today iHome is taking this a step further by making the tablet the central means to control ones home as well as interact with a developer and real estate service provider or management company.

iHome’s Android and Apple apps enables residents to control their homes but also interact with developers for news, information, etc as well as interact with management companies for the consumption of services (handyman, cleaning, valet, concierge, etc). The apps are also great tools to help the developers agents and sales teams sell the units to buyers.

Contact iHome today to start developing an app for your condo or village.


iHome has worked with leading developers across South East Asia for a number of years:

  • Pace Development (Thailand)
  • Petch Properties (Thailand)
  • Raimonland (Thailand)
  • Sansiri (Thailand)
  • UEM (Malaysia)
  • AB Corporation(Vietnam)
  • Sardinia Properties (Singapore)
  • and many more