Smart Offices and Showrooms

Smart Control for your Office


iHome Systems decided to bring the best of the smart controls to the Offices and Showrooms. These luxury solutions will allow you to use Touch Screens and Smart Controls to control everything in your Office even with iPad / iPad mini / iPhone/ … Control everything remotely from your desk, check your cameras, turn ON the Aircon on the way to your Office, many interesting options will be available for you to impress your clients visiting and bring your comfort to its maximum.

Advance Energy Management Solutions will allow you to control automatically everything in your Smart Office or Showroom without doing anything and saving at the time a maximum amount of energy. Your lights and Air Conditioning will be adapted automatically to your needs and will allow you to save up to 65% of energy !

Features :

  • Efficient Office Operations – Control all the electrical and climate elements of your office.
  • Simple to advanced controls – Choose from traditional switches to touch screen to smart phones or even have the office bahave automatically without you to have to do one thing!

Wow Your Visitors and Clients with a Unique Experience


Imagine a showroom or a shop where lights illuminate your walls and ceiling creating an enticing visual display. Imagine a showroom that uses funky LED displays to visually reinforce your brand and create a wow effect for visitors. Imagine a shop where the lights, A/C, and curtains can be controlled centrally by the manager, perhaps through his or her own personal iPad.

With iHome’s innovative technology, we can help design and execute a shop or a showroom into a impressive site to draw in many customers and make a “talk of the town” statement.

Features :

  • Wow your clients – with amazing technology that showcases your products and services.
  • Choose from simple lighting to more advanced full control – and choose the way to control it that matches your way – control it all from your office, your home or from the beach!