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Add Value to your Real Estate


iHome helps you develop remarkable real estate projects with the latest building technology systems delivering state of the art homes equipped with security, entertainment and communication solutions that add value to your high end residential projects. These are undoudtedly great to help sell your upcoming project, provide an additional return on your investment, and create a definite competitive advantge. Your clients will enjoy the buying a real home.

iHome has worked with many leading developers across the region and acts both as your building technology advisor and implementor. Contact your closest iHome office today and see how we will help.


  • Best-in-class components – Brands that have become synonymous with uncompromising quality. Audio and video components assembled by these companies aren’t simply consumer electronics, they’re centerpieces.
  • Central Server planning with multi-room distribution – Selecting the finest components is only the first step in building the system. As important, if not more so, is the correct choice of servers and cabling system.