A 21-st Century Hospital for a 21-st Century Patient


With years of experience in Smart Home and Building Systems, iHome has been leading consultancy works with the best luxury hospitals in South East Asia to bring a maximum of comfort and safety inside the Hospital. Using our intelligent solutions and Smart Automation Systems, every unit can be adapted to the needs of their patient, having for example Touch Screen on the bedside allowing the patient to control his whole bedroom (lights / curtains / TV / Call a nurse / Panic Button …) from the bedside with a single push.

iHome has been very proud to propose these exclusive solutions making a stay in a Smart Hospital Room a better and a safer moment.

Features :

  • Technology solutions for luxury hospitals –Differentiation between competitive private hospitals is critical with patients choosing hospitals for excellent medial reputation and perfect welcome of patients.
  • Simple to advanced solutions for patient comfort – From simple central management of lights and air-conditioning to all hospital functions on an iPad, give your patient the comfort he or she needs.