Add Value to your Clients’ Projects


iHome has many ranges of products that can help the overall structure of a building: automating every electric system for structure efficiency, illuminating the facade of a building with eye-catching lighting effects, foregoing certain structuring systems in lieu of an automatic timer, using automated cabling to help save cost, using energy efficient products in the structure to optimize energy consumption.

Since we have worked with many renowned architects for many years, we are familiar with the structural concerns that an architect holds as the pinnacle to his or her work. We are able to provide technological consultancy to ensure that your upcoming project is your best one yet.


  • Best-in-class components – Brands that have become synonymous with uncompromising quality. Audio and video components assembled by these companies aren’t simply consumer electronics, they’re centerpieces.
  • Central Server planning with multi-room distribution – Selecting the finest components is only the first step in building the system. As important, if not more so, is the correct choice of servers and cabling system.