How scents and perfumes can completely alter the mood of your home

It’s widely accepted that scent is the most powerful and instantly influential of our five senses. With olfactory nodes connected directly to the limbic system, the right scent can immediately induce feelings of calm, serenity, happiness and energy (just as the wrong scent can leave you feeling unsettled, anxious and irritable). Everyone will have their own favourites and scents that evoke particular memories, both good and bad, but there are some scents that tend to have the same affect on most people.

There are also scents that, while most people enjoy them, don’t really invoke the right feelings for a home. I mean I love the smell of freshly cut grass as much as anyone but wouldn’t really want my bedroom to smell like the front lawn. Choosing your favourite personalised scents can truly transform your smart house into a smart home.

Scents to help you relax

Most of the rooms in your smart home will look to be relaxing and inviting. When you return home after a long day at work there are key areas which you go to in order to relax and unwind. Whether you put your feet up on the sofa, curl up with a book in your study or tuck yourself straight into bed, creating the right atmosphere to help you relax and unwind could be as simple as adding the one of these scents to the room.

1) Lavender

Lavender is often used in aromatherapy and is well-recognised for its calming and soothing qualities. It’s a common ingredient in soothing balms, fabric softeners and bath salts; pretty much any situation that calls for relaxation.

Lavender can help to calm the mind and body instantly and a study carried out by the Korean Society of Nursing Science revealed it even has a significant effect at treating insomnia, making it an ideal scent to introduce into your bedroom.

2) Pine

The scent of pine does more than bring us holiday cheer, according to research carried out by Japan’s Kyoto University, hostility and depression levels were significantly reduced by a 15 minute walk through Japanese pine forests.

The study also revealed that anxious subjects had a greater feeling of relaxation after indulging in the scent which makes it great to incorporate into your welcome and living spaces. Imagine coming home from a long, stressful day to living room filled with a cheerful and relaxing scent of pine.

3) Lemongrass

Used in stress and anxiety relief products because of its light and earthy scent, lemongrass induces relaxation and creates a soothing feeling.

4) Chamomile

Chamomile is best known for its soothing and relaxing teas, however when used in aromatherapy it is a great sleep aid and has a fruity, slightly sweet, fragrance. Another ideal scent for the bedrooms or anywhere you’d like to take a nap.

5) Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a calming agent; it relieves nervous tension and helps you relax. This scent can be quite strong so is best to use in a larger space so as not to seem overpowering. This is a preferable scent if you have a large, open living space.

6) Bergamot

Bergamot is a favourite of mine, mainly because it is also one of the main ingredients in Earl Grey tea. It has a lovely citrus scent that gives both a refreshing and stress-relieving feeling. This scent could be best in areas such as the kitchen or a breakfast area where you want to feel calm but not so calm you’ll fall back asleep.

7) Mandarin

Mandarin is another scent used to treat those with sleep difficulties and has been found to be as effective as lavender. Interesting the scent is closer to that of a bergamot oil and less like the tangerine it’s expected to smell like.

One of mandarin’s main advantages is that it is gentle enough to use with children as well as adults, so if your children are troubled sleepers then try introducing a mandarin scent to help relax them and get them sleeping through the night.

Your Scents that Make Sense

Selecting the right scents to include in your smart home automation can transform your living space into a brand new world of relaxation. Alternating your choice of scents as well as when, and where, they are introduced throughout your smart home will offer you a whole new level of comfort.

Of course every home is different, just like every homeowner is different. Find out more about what iHome can offer you in the way of smart home automation in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.