MyMoments Scenario Switch

Defining moments - click to view video
Life is full of Moments, some new, some old… Use iHome’s MyMoments buttons tell your home to set itself to your Moment …
…take a bath with dimmed lights, the blinds down and your favourite music at the touch of a button……leave the house with all lights turned off, all doors and windows locked and A/C turned off at the touch of a button…All with the power of one finger.iHome deploys the MyMoment scenario settings to enable you to launch pre-configured settings governing the behaviour of all the aspects of your surroundings including lights, climate control and all other devices, so you always have the perfect setting for your Moment.
Save romantic Moments, playtime with the children, office after-hours, etc.
Features :
  • Convenient and time saving – Why waste time configuring your surroundings to match the same needs over and over again when a single button setting can do it all for you?
  • Flexible – Scenarios are made up of individual configurations for as many devices as you like, be they light fixtures, climate appliances or other devices. There’s literally no limit to what you can have configured to be part of a particular MyMoment button.