Has this ever happened to you? You get all the way to the office and your heart drops when you realise you left your front door unlocked. Or maybe you left the iron on or the TV blaring upstairs. These little forgetful moments can be just minor annoyances to your neighbours or fire and security risks. You’ve worked hard to fill your smart home with lovely things, it would be a real shame if they were stolen, or worse if the whole building were to burn to the ground.

Remote Control of Your Smart Home

The development of the iHome smart app  allows you to remotely control specific elements of your smart home. By connecting switches and outlets to the internet, each device can be controlled on a smartphone via the iHome smart app.


You’re in your car halfway to work already before realising you’ve left your bedroom lights on back home. You’re already late for work but you don’t want to leave your lights on all day. Just a few taps on your smartphone and you can switch your lights off while you wait at the next red light.


You arrive at the office and realise that you left the iron on this morning after giving your Monday morning shirt a last-minute press. If the cat jumps up he’ll knock the iron over and burn a hole in your plush new carpet. Just log in to your iHome app and turn off all the outlets in your bedroom to save your carpet, and your cat, from any potential harm.

If you’re the forgetful type (like myself) and manage to leave your keys on the counter more often than you remember them, having remote control of several different aspects of your home could not only be more convenient but also safer for you and your family.

Remote control of your smart home comes in especially handy for those that travel frequently; allowing you to remain in contact and in control of your smart home no matter where in the world you’re traveling to. For instance:

  • Check in on your home while you’re away through wifi-enabled cameras and monitors.
  • Be alerted automatically in case anything goes wrong, anything from fires to burst water pipes.
  • Prepare your home for your arrival by switching on your heating, cooling, lighting, etc from the airport and have your perfect smart home waiting for you when you arrive.

Find Out More

Contact us to discuss what you would like to control remotely and we’ll be happy to work with you to make that happen for your smart home in Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore.