Cathedral of The Good Shepherd, Singapore

Smart Automation

Smart Switches

Scene scenarios

Smart Building, Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, Singapore


A Smart Step In Progress

This church is revamping the entire 4 buildings using our smart technology with the integration of lighting control, temperature control, scenario control, audio / video control, monitor energy-consumption and load-shedding capabilities.

Scenario moods can be selected with a single touch on the smart switches and on the touch screens from each block. A well-design system has becomes a user-friendly system.

The timer from the touch screen also controls the architectural light, giving an additional “green action” feature in our fully integrated solutions.

The Green Move

iHome systems will automatically shut-off the electricity in-sequence for each block starting with the less priority usage of electricity. The load-shedding feature has bring our “green” energy-monitoring system into another new level for cost-saving consideration.