Intercom & Video Door Phone

Seeing is believing, and although thankfully home invasions aren’t yet a serious problem in Asia, it’s not unknown. Camera integrated Intercom and door systems grant you better security than simpler models by enabling you to not only speak to, but also see your guests, before letting them in. This is both great of the guest is outside the front door inches away or the other side of the property miles away.For vehicle access you can opt to have your driveway gate connected to the system and remotely open it from your home when the guest calls.

For truly luxurious villas and large condos, the intercom and video door phone system can also link to a lift and control access to different floors.

And of course, as with all iHome’s smart systems, the hardware you use to communicate with your guest can also control your smart home systems as well as serve as an in-home communication system.


  • Improved security – Visually identifying your guests provides superior security
  • Rule based access – Ensure staff and home maintenance tasks are granted access to your home only when required
  • Cost effective – Panels are also used for home automation