iHome Malaysia has officially been members of the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI) since December of last year, however it was made official at a networking event held in March. Now officially a member of the MICCI, iHome Malaysia has access to its wealth of resources and as such can provide an even better and more comprehensive service to its clients in the region.

The MICCI has been an advocate for the business community in Malaysia since as far back as 1841, nearly 175 years ago; and while the business environment has probably changed quite a lot in that time their ideals haven’t. They represent both foreign and Malaysian companies of all sizes with the goal of moving the business environment in Malaysia forward with councils focusing on finance, international business, legal affairs, energy & environment, human capital and infrastructure.

“We welcome participation from Members in councils and their focus groups as a means to access latest information on policies and regulations, best practices, meet business people and those in authority on issues of common interest. – Stewart Forbes, Executive Director, MICCI

It is an exciting new opportunity for iHome Malaysia to be connected with so many other businesses within Malaysia and across the region through the MICCI. IHome was also featured in the latest issue of the MICCI’s quarterly publication “The Business Advocate,” listing our own Germain Thomas as the company’s regional director along with photos from the March Event.

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