In our previous post  we mentioned some of the typical features of home automation that most people expect when they design their smart home. This post will focus more on the less traditional and somewhat unique options for smart home automation that are available.

Automated Windows and Shades:

Automated windows, blinds and shades are complementary to smart lighting and climate control, providing both ambiance and energy efficiency. Automating your shades and blinds to open and close at specific times of the day will help to keep your home cool as well as creating an inviting and comfortable environment, all while helping to limit the use of your air conditioner throughout the day.

Automated Water Systems

This can include automating everything from your garden’s irrigation system to your aquarium’s filters and even your pools and jacuzzis. Switching them on at specified times of the day can ensure a healthy and well-watered garden, clean and well-maintain pools; you could even program your smart home automation to draw you a hot bath every evening for you before you get home.

Automated Home Entertainment

Home entertainment systems such as TVs and stereos are often the pride of every man’s living room. However these entertainment systems need not be confined to just one room, with multiple screens throughout your smart home connecting to a single source. You can also automate your stereo to play music at specific times of the day, with a set combination of lighting and in sync with smart home automation other features; all of which you can control from a single dashboard.

Smart Combinations AKA ‘MyMoments’

The best part about smart home automation is getting your home to be more comfortable without even thinking about it, this is when MyMoments scenarios really shine. By combining the various automated aspects of your smart home you can create pre-set moods at the touch of a button (or even less when automated). Arrange your own combination of lighting levels, temperature levels, even choose what scents are introduced at the desired time to give the desired effect.

Many, Many More…

Have an idea for how you would like to automate your smart home? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to work with you to create the perfect smart home anywhere in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.