Few things can influence the energy and mood of a room as much as its lighting. With smart home automation, there are greater possibilities to create better balance of your chi energy through the lighting in your smart home.
How you light your smart home will have a big influence on the balance of chi within; a home that is too dark will have too much yin energy and a home with too much light will have excess yang energy.

Lighting Dark Corners with Smart Home Automation

If your smart home has lots of dark corners you might want to consider adding floor lamps to introduce more yang energy. The upward lighting can also serve as a counter for overhead beams by negating the inauspicious energy associated with beams.

With smart home automation, almost every device and outlet in your smart home can be connected and controlled from your smart home app. Therefore you can create more soothing and positive lighting with floor lamps and table lamps and still control them from a central app. No wandering around the house at night to switch off all your individual lights before you go to bed.

Well-lit Entrances

Keeping the entrances to your smart home well-lit will help to draw in positive chi energy, especially if you have lights on either side of the outside door. Many homes and businesses favour keeping the outside lights on longer throughout the day to further invite positive chi energy.

With smart home automation you can pre-determine how long you wish to keep your outside lights on; having them automatically switch off at a time you prefer. In fact, the exterior of your smart home needs to be in balance as much as the interior.

Balanced Elements within your Smart Home

Lighting can act to balance out the elements within your smart home. If a certain area has too much wood energy, it can be countered with bright lights as they are associated with the element of fire. Some feng shui practitioners suggest the combination of lights and overhead fan fixtures since the movement of the blades will “fan the fire” of the lights.

How iHome Can Help Bring You Balance

True to our Asian origins we have a deep respect for Feng Shui and are proud to be pioneers in crafting premises where cutting edge technology is implemented according to its ancient traditions. iHome collaborates closely with some of the greatest Feng Shui masters in the region to provide clients with smart homes and businesses that harmoniously blend East and West, Old and New.

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