Cool LED Displays

Ever dreamed about rooms that change colour to match your mood or the time of day? Ever dreamed of walls which show white fluffy clouds in the morning and a sunset at the beach in the evening?

This dream is now possible with iHome’s advanced LED display boards which you can mount inside a mirror or behind glass sheets. Each board is standard sized and can be assembled to fit any room and any size.

Amuse and delight yourself and your guests with a reactive and interactive LED display regardless of how wild, grand or fantastic your vision is we’ll be happy to realize it for you !


Traxon – HK Coliseum
Traxon – Disco Floor
Traxon – Mirror LED Panel
Traxon – Disco Ceiling
Traxon – Belgium
Traxon – Interior & Exterior
Traxon – Exterior Stairs
Traxon – Commercial Display