Control on the Go !

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Ever had that nagging feeling you forgot to turn off the lights? Ever wanted to start the A/C before you got home to arrive in a nice and cool home? Have a huge home you want to control ?
With iHome’s smart home automation remote control technology you can do something about it without having to go back…
Installing smart home automation technology in your premises opens the door for you to a wealth of remote control options for your home. Whether you are at the neighbors down the road, or on the other side of the planet, iHome offers a wide range of solutions that give you complete control over your home and environment from a distance.
Whichever technology you feel most comfortable using we can offer you remote control solutions to match for maximum flexibility. With iHome you can opt to control your home by phone, GSM, or online via iPad application or even a secure home website.
Features :
  • Flexible – Control any device in your home using multiple communication options
  • Convenient and time saving – Use idle time wasted waiting in traffic and the like to schedule tasks at home so that by the time you reach home your environment will match your mood perfectly
  • Generates energy savings – Activate and shutdown the appliances you need, when you need to, regardless of your location