Installing Smart Home Automation systems in your home enables you to control any electric fixture and electronic appliance. We’ve yet to encounter something we haven’t been able to integrate into a home’s smart control system.

Here are just a few examples for the possible applications :



Any light in your home, from the humblest incandescent bulb to the latest LED display, be inside the house or outside in the garden or pool, can all be controlled centrally.



Integrating power outlets into your Smart Home enables you to control the appliances connected to them (coffee makers, radios, fitness gear, etc.) but also to turn them off according to your schedule or automatically for energy saving purposes.



Connecting your air conditioning and heating systems will give you comfort if easily controlling your in-home climate and generate significant household savings on electricity.



Any motorized curtain, blind, door and gate can be controlled centrally enabling you to configure fixed opening and closing routines that coincide with alarm system settings or when you have guests.



Hooking up irrigation systems, ponds and aquarium filters helps guarantee timely maintenance, while connecting pools and jacuzzis enables you to include these in your daily Moments and schedules. You could for example have your home draw a pampering bath for you every evening automatically a 6pm.



We love incorporating high end entertainment systems into our Smart Home installations. Including your TVs, stereos,and entertainment systems in your home automation project will enable you to control all of these from a single dashboard. You can configure any and every appliance according to your schedule, mood and company.


Anything Else ?

If you have an appliance not mentioned above and you’d like to find out whether we can incorporate it in your home please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ve encountered many interesting requests but none we couldn’t fulfil.