Whether you’re converting your regular home into a smart home or building your dream smart home from scratch, you’ll want to be sure that the benefits of smart home automation outweigh the initial costs. And while the fact that smart home automation just looks really cool is a valid reason, here are a few more just in case you wanted further proof.

1 – Convenience

After wanting your home to look cool, convenience is probably the number 2 reason for getting an automated home system. Having your lights on in your living room when you arrive home, the temperature already perfect and the front door opening for you as you approach with your arms full of groceries are luxuries you would quickly learn you couldn’t live without.

2 – Savings

The amount you could save with an automated smart home in the long run could easily outweigh its initial cost. Devices such as smart thermostats and sprinklers, motion-sensing lights and electricity monitoring outlets and heaters all adapt and make energy and water usage more efficient.

3 – Control

With all manner of devices and appliances able to be connected via your smart home system, you have remote control of everything whether you’re at home or not. This means you have the ability to turn on the air conditioning on your way back from the airport or check in on the kids while you’re stuck working late. In short, smart home automation gives you more control over your life.

4 – Security

Smart home automation allows for greater access and greater control of your home, which inevitably means a more secure home. There are plenty of options for devices that will help to make your home more secure without resorting to a full set of CCTV cameras. Wi-fi enabled cameras and motion sensors as well as smart smoke alarms can all be monitored and controlled from inside and outside the home via live video feed, email and text alerts.

5 – Safety

Smart home automation can not only secure your home, but can make it safer as well. This means you could prevent water leaks, carbon monoxide levels, heat build up, and any sort of potential accidents or disasters which can be anticipated, detected and then communicated to you wherever you are.

6 – It’s Cool!

When all’s said and done, smart home automation is cool. It looks impressive to guests and gives your home an almost Star Trek sensation of technology. Whether you’re adjusting your lighting from your smartphone or connecting your entertainment system with it’s own personal lighting scheme, if you’re into gadgets then smart home automation is for you.


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