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iHome : Makers of Real Homes

Home is where the heart is. That’s our job at iHome, using technology to turn your house into a home. We make your house an easy, comfortable, personal, enjoyable, secure and fun place to live, a place for you, a place for your family, a place for your friends. A real home.


From Advisor to Integrator

Based in South East Asia, iHome started as an advisor and designer of home and building technology solutions. As our business evolved, we identified a need for implementation of our advice. It needed real professionals…


From Integrator to Innovator

Later, disappointed with the solutions available in the market, we decided to create and innovate. The result is proprietary software and services that empowers you to control your home. Something so easy anyone can use it. Turning your house into a real home.

What the Future Holds

After advising, deploying our new advise and developing new solutions needed by the market, who knows where iHome will go next… We only know we’ll be around for a long time making sure you get help in making your house a real home !

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