A Day in your Smart Home

Imagine your dream home setup exactly the way you want, completely personalized to your very own lifestyle, not some generic house similar to the one down the road. It’s impossible to list ALL the little ways in which your everyday interactions with your immediate surroundings will be transformed for the better, but we’ve attempted to give you a taste of what you can expect with this schedule of : “A day in your life as a Smart Home owner”


5.30 AM

The exterior lights in your home fade as the first rays of sunlight shine over the horizon.
The curtains and shutters of your master bedroom let the early morning beams in.
The air conditioning in the gym purrs into action and the water heater in the adjoining bathroom clicks on.


6.30 AM

Refreshed after a workout and shower you walk downstairs to the kitchen counter and pour your first coffee. The coffee machine prepares fresh coffee in time for you and your wife’s separate morning schedules*.


7.30 AM

After a healthy breakfast you enter your study. With the click of a single control on your iPad the room is immediately set to your “Work Moment”:

  • The lights are turned on
  • The air-conditioning starts up
  • Three TVs. switch on to catch all the major news channels
  • Your desktop awakes from slumber*

9.00 AM

The house staff begins arriving, letting themselves in via the biometric access control system hooked up to the staff entrance.


10.30 AM

You enter the garage and hop into your car. As you turn on the engine the garage door opens and your study takes this as a cue to return to “Sleep mode”:

  • The lights are dimmed
  • The air-conditioning shuts off
  • The TVs. switch off
  • Your desktop* goes to sleep

2.15 PM

Returning from the day’s meetings it’s high time for a late lunch. With a few taps on your iPad you set the mood in the dining area configuring the lighting and climate to your liking.


5.00 PM

The staff clock out of the house simply by presenting their thumb to the the biometric panel at the servant’s entrance. Once the last one of the staff has left, the house dims the lights and shuts down the air-conditioning in the kitchen and other service areas.


8.00 PM

As you glide down the driveway en route to your meeting at the Four Seasons the house goes into “Security mode”. The CCTVs and motion detectors turn on as the gate closes behind your car. Any unapproved entry will be recorded and reported.


11.00 PM

It was a lovely evening out but now, on the way home, you’re ready some much earned sleep. On the way back, while still in your car, you direct your bathroom to heat water for a brisk shower before bed.


11.30 PM

Just after enter bed you put your house to sleep. The interior lights are dimmed, climate systems go into low gear, security systems become alert, and the last thing you hear is the rustle of blinds and curtains closing throughout the house for the night.